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Safeline | Insulations for Smart Living



Safeline is providing comfort, energy efficiency, and savings to its customers all across Pakistan since decades. We are Pakistan’s leading insulation technology company, dealing polyethylene and polyurethane foam for all insulation needs .Safeline is the project of Super Asia Group. Super Asia has played its major role in development and advancement of industrial technology since 1975. The group has strived hard to produce unmatchable quality services.
After the huge success of home appliances and automobile division of the group, Super Asia stepped into the insulation business to continue to serve the valuable customers and consumers with the determination to become a market leader in corporate sector. Later, the Group brought Hardees to Pakistan.
Under the supervision of exceedingly educated staff with international qualification and specification, Safeline produces insulation material with highly advanced and fully automated process. From energy efficiency to heat-proofing, and sound proofing, Safeline brings unmatchable outcome through close-cell structure, uniform density distribution, and exceptional thermal resistant structure.

Super Asia Group


    We are Pakistan’s leading insulation technology company

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    Automobiles Division

    Super Asia Automobiles is fastly growing industry and producing quality products

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    Home Appliances Division

    Top Home aplliances

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    Food Division

    Hardees's one of the leading Fast Food Brand

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    We are a non-profit organization with a mission to fix the funding process by empowering people from all around the world

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    R Square Construction

    R-Square mission is captured in its motto, “Build the Best. Be the Best.”

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Air moves in and out of your home through every hole, crack and crevice of your house’s roof, and walls. More than 30% of the air infiltrates through the walls, floors and ceiling- which means 30% of your ventilated air goes to waste. Adding an insulation system is necessary to optimal results. Safeline is that advanced insulation system!
Safeline foam insulation can maximize the owner’s investment by sealing the building envelop to stop the conditioned indoor air from escaping as well as preventing unconditioned air from entering through the cracks and holes. This air exchange in and out of a home is a leading cause of escalated energy bills. The mechanical systems that heat and cool buildings are continuously operating; reducing extreme temperature variations saves on the overuse of mechanical systems and leads to lower energy bills.
Being leading manufacturer of insulation products, Safeline understands the market requirements of both civil and corporate sector.

    Polyethylene foam manufactured by Safeline comes with unique properties and attributes

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    An environmentally friendly home is a great benefit for builders, occupants, and the environment.

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    An environmentally friendly home is a great benefit for builders, occupants, and the environment.

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Comparison and Properties of different INSULATION materials available in Pakistan

Material thickness 25mm Thermal Conductivity w/mk Density Kg/m3 Monolithic Surface bound Seamless without joint
Polyurethane 0.016 32 Yes Yes
X polystyrene 0.026 32 No No
Polystyrene 0.040 32 No No
Polyethylene 0.030 32 No No



Our Clients



Ch.Mohammad Sarwar, Governor Punjab, PakistanCh.Mohammad Sarwar, Governor Punjab, Pakistan

It is great privilege for me to visit Safeline and Super Asia Group. All the products of Safeline are of international standards and very impressive. I wish all the best to the owners, staff and workers. Well done!

Gen Pervaiz Musharaf, Ex-President, PakistanGen Pervaiz Musharaf, Ex-President, Pakistan

It is a pleasure to visit Safeline and to see their excellent products. I wish them well in expanding their production and exports for the benefit of Pakistan.

Zachary Harkenrider, Counsol General USA, LahoreZachary Harkenrider, Counsol General USA, Lahore

Very Impressive Facility . I wish Safeline Continuous Growth.


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Our Network

Head Office

41 Km, Lahore Side Sadhoke G.T Road, Gujranwala.
Phone: 03-111-123-321
Fax: +92-55-6665901

Lahore Office

89 Temple Road, Lahore.
Phone: +92-42-6312037, +92-42-6300493, +92-42-6300494
Fax: +92-42-6362474

Rawalpindi Office

1341-B Satelite Town, Rawalpindi.
Phone: +92-51-2539154

Multan Office

Ahmad Park Colony, Near Khanewal Road, Opp. Jamia Saqlain Road Multan.
Phone: 92-61-6019349
Fax: 92-61-6770225

Faislabad Office

P-68 Mian Jhang Road,Shahdab Colony Near Pso Petrol Pump Faislabad.
Phone: 92-41-5518750
Fax: 92-41-2656874

Karachi Office

B.64 X, Block No.6, PECHS, Karachi.
Phone: +92-21-37705950

UAN: 03-111-123-321


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